Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome to Forest Gospel

Why, hello and welcome to Forest Gospel.

As an introduction to future posts: we here at Forest Gospel are resolved to write about the music we love album by album. This will take the form of reviews of newly released albums, past life-changing favourites in our running series of retrospective reviews (because some things are worth reiterating) and since it is the middle of 2007 that this here thread is beginning we may dip back into some of the extrodinaries of 2006 that we adored or have come to adore post 2006. You can't be up on everything the moment its released you know?

Based in Salt Lake City you may see a local cd review or two...or eight and surely some live reviews as well. In conclusion, for those of you who do happen to stumble upon us and decide to come back for more; there are two distinct contributors here which makes two opinions. Hopefully you can get the gist of our individual tastes and take whatever its that we can offer you for whatever it is worth. We have discussed submitting two opinions of particular records that we are mixed on and what not. Our writing is based mostly on that which we would recommend to our good friends. Enjoy and feel free to add your own commentary on what is reviewed.

Forest Gospel

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