Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Animal Collective - Hollinndagain

Animal Collective
(2006, Paw Tracks)

This is not a new recording from Animal Collective, but for all intents and purposes you should see it that way. Hollinndagain is a re-release of a limited edition (only 300!) vinyl album of live recordings released in 2003. During the period Animal Collective were playing brand new songs for every show. These are hand picked selections from early 2001 and definitely reflect the style of their other albums released around that time like Danse Manatee, Campfire Songs and especially Here Comes the Indian. With that said, these are all brand new songs that, unless you got a copy of the original vinyl, should be consumed like Rod and Tod Flanders eating Pixie Stix. Don’t let the fact that these are “Live recordings” scare you away either. I couldn’t imagine a better method of recording for any of these tracks. Now many of you may only be familiar with the Collective’s most recent excursions into psych-folk-pop weirdness on Sung Tongs and Feels. If this is the case, know that Hollinndagain is a completely different beast. Filled with a beard of extreme textures and intense tribal freak-outs, Hollinndagain is Lord of the Flies music at its craziest. This is an essential and completely legitimate release from one of the most inspired bands working today. (The album’s third song is the inspiration for our namesake!)

-Mr. Thistle

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