Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Lionelle - Oh! The Little Bee! EP!

Local Review
The Lionelle
Oh! The Little Bee! EP!
(2007, Self Released)

Salt Lake City Mastermind, Tate McCallum-Law (MC-L from here on out), has dished up a delicious piece of awkward acoustic pop mayhem On The Lionelle’s debut EP. Coupling the efforts MC-L and drumming compatriot Ryan Thatcher, Oh! The Little Bee! EP! Provides four quaint tracks as a terrifically hand packaged gem. MC-L is the master of these songs layering acoustic guitars and vocal tracks to produce nervousness that is somehow enjoyable. There is a strain in MC-L vocal whispers that bleeds somewhere in the ballpark of Isaac Brock impersonating Jamie Stewart. These are minimalist confessionals of the finest quality. The only real problem here is anticipation for what is to come. With the additional cast of contributing characters under MC-L’s wing and an increase in volume and the level of rock at their recent shows, The Lionelle just may produce the best local album of the year. So where is it fellas? (Oh! The Little Bee! EP! Is only available though Slowtrain on 3rd South.)

- Mr. Thistle

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