Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eluvium - Copia

(2007, Temporary Residence)

Amidst all the havoc of jarringly life changing modern events, Eluvium’s Copia sets out to change your life subtly. Instead of using a standard musical stranglehold, Copia lulls you into its grasps with the most beautiful orchestrations you have ever heard. Eluvium is the alias of modern composer Matthew Cooper of Portland, Oregon. Cooper takes the beauty of a picture perfect scene of Oregon’s lush hills clouded with mist and translates the image into a gorgeous wave of sound. I say wave because the music literally washes over you until you are completely submerged in all things Eluvium. Copia is Cooper’s fourth album and follows in combining slow melodic drones with sprinkles of classical piano and string arrangements. The effect is a slow moving, contemplative listen that, similar to his previous releases, is the type of backdrop that can inspire revelations on the true nature of beauty in sound. Cooper does ride close to the edge on this release, however, as the last half begins to become monotonous, a first for Cooper. It is a difficult trapping to avoid when delving into ambient washes. In the end, despite some small battles, Copia is triumphant in transporting you to where you need to be.

-Mr. Thistle

Eluvium - Prelude For Time Feelers

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