Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Animal Collective - People EP

Animal Collective
People EP
(2006, EMI Int'l)

I decided I would review People since Mr. Thistle reviewed Hollinndagain-I figured I'd also dip my paws into the Animal Collective honey pot. People consists of 4 songs, 2 of which are actually the same song, "People," only one version is live. Both versions of "People" are interesting on different levels. It's great to have a live recording to compare with the produced recording- since AC are known to slightly embelish or change their songs when playing live. Seeing AC live is an experience unlike any other, and the live version of "People" brings back fond memories of hearing versions of songs that will never be released. I rated this album a 6.5 almost solely because 3 new songs seems a little scanty for an EP. The songs are great- most closely related to their work on Feels than to any of their other albums, but it seems to be more of an extension of Feels, which makes sense considering these tracks were recorded during the same sessions as Feels. I have come to expect AC to be very progressive, with each album differing from the others, so I guess I was just slightly let down by how similar this was. But don't get me wrong, "Tikwid" is one of my favorite AC songs ever released, with Avey singing faster than I can recall him ever singing before. I am glad that I have these AC songs in my collection, but the album probably isn't going to knock your socks unless you are already a die-hard AC fan.

-Sassy Grass

Animal Collective - People

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is Mr. Thistle and Sassy Grass said...

7.0 here - only for the small amount of material. Songs are absolutely top notch.

-Mr. Thistle