Friday, June 29, 2007

The Boats - Tomorrow Time

The Boats
Tomorrow Time
(2007, Moteer)

The Boats' third full length release, Tomorrow Time, is a little behind the times for the band's musical evolution. The album transforms the beauty of their former album’s piano-loop instrumentals to a trendy downbeat electronic pop. Tomorrow Time comes off with the same subtle nature of Dntel’s debut masterpiece but lacks the depth of production Dntel's outing offered. The Boats have added both male and female vocals to their discovery of textured minimalist beats and Colleen styled string patterns. The effect is undeniably beautiful but often becomes boring with the overdramatics of a well documented subgenre. The trouble is, Tomorrow Time is competing with albums from bands like Hood and The Notwist who perfected these msucial ideas over half a decade ago. Without any new revelations to the style Tomorrow Time just comes off as pleasant, sure to be an occasional listen any time you actually notice it while scrolling through your Ipod. Essentially, The Boats have created high quality mediocrity here. The Boats win with enthusiasts but fail to reach much farther.

-Mr. Thistle

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