Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Best of Seth - Sparrow Trout Heart Sprout

Best of Seth
Sparrow Trout Heart Sprout
(2007, Achord Recordings)

Seth, member of the mighty Akron/Family, apparently has been recording quite a bit of side material away from his glorious band. This beautifully packaged 3 CD gem was limited to 500 copies and is already running scarce. I picked up my copy through Slowtrain Records (SLC’s most wonderful independent record store) for a mere $15 bucks. So, today I decided to browse this thing on Amazon and guess what? The sucker is being sold between $97 and $149 used and is nowhere to be found on Ebay! (Thank you, Slowtrain.) So, what is all this fuss about? I'm as big an Akron/Family gusher as anyone, but it would take a mighty mighty good and equally rare CD for me to even consider dropping $100+. Seriously, it was released this year for heaven’s sake. Here is the lowdown: probably not worth its Amazon inflation. This is Akron/Family-lite music mostly comparable to the bands debut. Here we have watered down Akron without their signature disjointed harmonies and psych-rock embellishments. Additionally, having 3 CDs worth of material is a bit overwhelming. It looks like Mr. Seth just couldn’t part with all his recordings. I know that if this was pared down, it would be an albums worth of mind-blowing material. Instead we are left with a bloated beast. Now don’t read me too wrong - it is still satisfying to search these CDs for their fruits, but it could have been revelatory with a bit more restraint.

-Mr. Thistle

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