Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ultra Dolphins - Mar

Ultra Dolphins
(2006, Robotic Empire)

Whenever I read the name of this band all I can think of is some genetically modified super Dan Marino (kind of like Super Shredder)! Ultra Dolphins definitely live up to my ridiculous imaginations to boot. Rocking utterly preposterous, experimental post-hardcore in the vein of XBXRX and The Blood Brothers, Ultra Dolphins are my new hyperactive outlet. It is hard to explain how much fun Mar is. For some reason they remind me of Man Man a little bit with their little interspersed piano lines and muddy vocals. Listening to the album while writing this I keep finding these weird words pop into my head like “charming,” “hilarious” and “retarded.” Not always your average descriptors for an aggressive spazzcore ensemble but somehow Ultra Dolphins pull it off with a high level of respectability. Mar is a super lo-fi recording which may shadow some of the incredible instrumentation here but is all the better for it. Just over 30 minutes but that is about the extent of my post-hardcore attention span anyway. Tubular?

-Mr. Thistle

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