Friday, October 26, 2012

Pencil Mountain

Babe, Terror - Knights

Wonderfully woozy, wonky, elongated weirdness from the good man, Babe, Terror.  Twelve mutating inches of it.  Very much a decedent of Black Dice, Excepter, and all that (though a bit more relaxed), so if you like that type of delusional misfit-ery and you're wondering where the goodness is that is descended therefrom: it's here, it's this:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

El Curiot

Richard Pearse

New old work from Richard Pearse.

Each Other - Heavily Spaced

Each Other are kings of the EP (as were Long Long Long before them (and I suppose, though not entirely related, Voxtrot before them)).  And Heavily Spaced is simply another perfect example.  I'm beginning to wonder if I could even handle a full length record from Each Other.  The band (if you consider its antecendent) has been operating for so long in the realm of pristine, compacted post punk and art-damaged pop that I feel like to extend beyond the formula would short circuit me as a listener, leave me twitching on the ground--overwhelmed by goodness.  As it stands, Each Other is among the last worthwhile indie rock bands, of which Heavily Spaced is a  testament.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Victo Ngai

Bill Connors

Donovan Quinn & Michael James Tapscott - Goodbye, Marlene

A gorgeous and delicate collaboration, Goodbye, Marlene is the best thing Donovan Quinn's been involved with for a long time.  Additionally, the album's a wonderful introduction to Michael James Tapscott, for those who haven't fallen already for his ethereal, angel-voiced atmospherics.  Acoustically sparse and brief in length, the albums is a quaint and wonderfully resonant listen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Double Vision Quest & Broken Deer - Medicine Songs

Super nice, hypnotic collaboration from Double Vision Quest (Evan Cardwell) and long time favorite, Broken Deer (Lindsay Dobbin).  Medicine Songs features two super-long jams; the first, "Jungle Jam Meditation," is steadied with a heavy, propulsive beat left swimming in the kind of ethereal mishmash that makes 2AM in the morning feel like 2AM in the morning.  The second track is more vaporous, picking up slowly-but-shirley: Lindsay background-singing against a drowsy guitar and track evolving into that exhausted 3AM space, where everything's shot and you start hallucinating (guitars).  Wonderful stuff that makes you feel simultaneously at ease and insane.

Leonardo Drew

These Wonderful Evils / Last Eyes split cs

Brilliant split tape from a happy new label, Planted Tapes.  Representing two camps solo guitar, the tape brings together subduing acoustic Fahey-isms and raggedly beautiful noise-punk ambience (of which I am particularly fond of on this release).  Infinite gorgeousness.

Evan Hecox

João Ruas