Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Each Other - Taking Trips

 (Self Released/Prison Art, 2011/2012)

It seems appropriate somehow that the day I posted this about the band Long Long Long is the day I discovered Long Long Long broke up.  That's my life, it feels like.  Fortunately, that same day is the day that I discovered Each Other which in a lot of ways is just Long Long Long 2.  I hope Each Other is okay with me describing them that way.  They obviously are sharing some band members (I'm not one to worry about who, specifically) and a lot of what I said about Long Long Long can be said about Each Other (mostly that they're awesome).  And, if I may, I think the name "Each Other" is a step up name-wise.  Taking Trips is their delicious EP length introduction, initially self-released in October of last year or something like that and now reissued on cassette by Prison Art.  Here in Providenceland things are just starting to warm up and Taking Trips is my jam for sun sparkling goodness.  Every track is good, but if you're listening to "Looking Lapsed," the album opener, and you aren't smitten by the disjointed guitar breakdown that comes in at 1:01, you are legally dead.  Or your ears are in error.  Bury yourself in a river or under six feet of dirt.  There is nothing in this life for you.  Anyway...here's hoping that Each Other weathers the storm of being a band for a lot longer than (ironically) Long Long Long.  They deserve yours and everyone else's ears and hearts and dancing legs: come to Providence please, I love you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"SOLIPSIST" by Andrew Thomas Huang

Amazing, and weird.

Long Long Long - Everything

And by everything I mean everything: their entire discography (which, admittedly, isn't overwhelmingly huge).  It's all available on their Bandcamp page.  You don't have to read any further, really, you don't.  But if you are, if you're still reading here and wondering, what's the deal here? well, I'm on one of my overly-excited, potentially-hyperbolic excitement sprees.  I can admit it, I've over-hyped things in the past.  Am I ashamed of it?  Maybe a little bit.  I'm pretty sure this is different though.  And if you're a little hesitant, fine--you should be.  I don't care though.  In the end, if you're head-over-heels like I am or if you simply have to admit, yea, they are pretty good, it makes no difference to me.  If you're still reading, why aren't you listening?  I'm streaming everything below.  Seriously, listen all the way through a song at least.  Sounds kind of like Women, huh.  There is no way to avoid that comparison, as much as I want to (RIP, Chris Reimer, I'm still frowning over the news...)  (--They're even Canadian.)  The important thing is that the music stands on its own.  Long Long Long isn't a derivative or a replacement, they're a genuinely talented band writing some really, really great songs.  And that's something I feel like I've been missing a lot lately: really good songs.  I'll probably regret posting this later.  But there is another part of me, the part that's been listening only to Long Long Long for the last few days straight, that doubts it.  I haven't even said why I like it.  "What it sounds like."  Seems like a mute point.  You have ears (I'm assuming); push play (it's the larger triangle shape).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2011: Still Glittering, Pt. 2

Anders Hana - Dead Clubbing

(Drid Machine Records, 2011)

Anders Hana is the "Ha" in MoHa! and Dead Clubbing, his single-sided debut LP is, well, it's gorgeous--perfect even.  Six intense and gritty machinations, each with perilously gridlocked percussion set in looped propulsions, destined to fall off their prescribed track. 

Dead Neanderthals - We Are Dead Neanderthals

(Self Released, 2011)

If you're a fan of Anders Hana or MoHa! you'll find a lot to like about Dead Neanderthals.  Operating most often in controlled (or barely controlled) bouts of noise jazz and free rock, the duo (on drums and saxophone) have put out three violently delicious 3" CDs, two of which came out last year (including We Are Dead Neanderthals), and all of which are downloadable on their Bandcamp page (which also features their newest 10", a mind-bashing endurance test for the sadomasochists among us).  Did I mention that Dead Neanderthals alerted me to Anders Hana's Dead Clubbing?  Thanks Dead Neanderthals!

Zac Nelson - Sound a Sleep Sound

(Bathetic, 2011)

I hate this album cover so much, you better believe this album is amazing.  Otherwise I wouldn't be posting this stupid thing on FG.  Providing something of a reprieve from the pummel-heavy obliterations of Anders Hana and Dead Neanderthals, Nelson's work here is lush and mesmerizing, but in some ways no less chaotic.  Sound a Sleep Sound is brilliantly flowing, scattered electronics in the same solar system as acts like Caboladies and Shark's Teeth.  The A side, "Cloud Mine," is pretty much perfect.  Nelson is pretty prolific and all over the place stylistically as well, on other releases, but always really good.  It's just, this cover sucks so bad...