Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nat Baldwin - Enter the Wind

Nat Baldwin
Enter The Wind
(2006, Broken Sparrow)

I love Nat Baldwin. Enter The Wind is Baldwin’s first full length release on Broken Sparrow following the endearing Lights Out Ep released in 2005. A former Dirty Projectors collaborator, Baldwin shares a little bit with Longstreth’s troupe while forging a whole new territory for himself. Wielding a standup bass, Baldwin eschews most of the trappings that catch acoustic guitar savvy singer songwriters, creating a wholly unique vision of orchestrated avant-pop. With a crooning, syrupy voice, Baldwin’s ballads melt you into a sepia-toned comforter with unmatched beauty. I found Baldwin last year (using the ever-powerful Myspace) and have been unable to shake the need to listen to Baldwin over and over again. Some how Baldwin has discovered how to write and play songs that drill themselves into your subconscious, constantly tickling your desire to press the replay button. With Enter the Wind, Baldwin has anchored in his own little corner of perfect baroque-pop diamonds.

-Mr. Thistle

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