Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Marnie Stern: Live At Urban Lounge 6/25/07

When we first got to Urban there weren't many people there. The few that were there were mostly there for the local opener, Dead Horse Point. After they played there was no other opener, just Marnie Stern. It took the crowd 3 or 4 songs to really get into the music, but slowly people came out of the woodwork to gawk at the sheer amount of technical skill flying forth from the stage. It was amazing to watch the crowd, eyes widened, jaws dropping one by one. In fact, I have never seen an Urban crowd give that much attention to a band, and how could they not- their brains were being smashed by guitar shredding maddness. The sound was powerful and magic. It felt like Marnie and Robby's guitar were sending out waves of rainbows while Zach was supplying the lightning. It was like all the forces of nature combing and obliterating the Urban Lounge through one of the loudest sets I've experienced. The whole time I couldn't help but think about how Marnie and Zach should have children together. I mean, think how fast they could move! They could probly take over the entire world, cause they've got to be part machine. The most amazing thing to watch was Zach's bass pedel work. He plays double bass faster than I have ever seen anyone play double bass except he does it all with one foot and one pedel! Seriously, this trio was insane. After they finished playing the crowd stayed and masochistically screamed for an encore. After about ten minutes they were still yelling and begging for more. We finally left and saw the band outside, so I don't think the crowd ever got the encore they wanted. I wouldn't want to play an encore if I had just run a musical marathon. When they finished playing Zach outfit was entirely covered in sweat- there wasn't a dry spot on him. Overall, this show was one of the best shows I've seen so far this year. We postponed a vacation just so that we would be in town for this, and it was definately worth it. Oh, and we got out of there at 12:20a.m., which is an absolute record for an Urban Show. Amazing!

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