Friday, August 19, 2011

Caboladies - Renewable Destination

(Students of Decay, 2011)

We're moving to Providence, Rhode Island, so no new posts for a week or two at least.

This Caboladies LP is limited to an edition of 300. I have no time to write about this, but I like Caboladies.  So act quick.


Caboladies: "Renewable Destination" by Students of Decay

See you in a couple weeks...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien

(Dalkey Archive Press, 1967 originally)

If you would like to know my exact taste in books moving forward, this is it: The Third Policeman.

The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien is my exact taste in books.

I finished the book a couple or more weeks ago and remember, when starting the book, thinking, this is incredible, and then when halfway through, this is my favourite book, and then once finished, absolutely, this is my new favourite book, and right now in rememberence, why should I be reading anything else? I need to be rereading The Third Policeman.  That's how badly I've fallen for it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saved By The Bell

Erin says that I'm way too late to be posting about this, but I don't care.  Because I love Saved By The Bell.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Matthew Cooper - Some Days Are Better Than Others

 (Temporary Residence, 2011)

Matthew Cooper makes savior sounds.

You may have heard some of them that he's made as Eluvium. Though he's released under his given name before as well.

I mark his tones as sacred. I know others do as well.

Some Days Are Better Than Others is original music Cooper scored for a film by the same name. I haven't seen it. Is it out yet? I don't know.

I'm already arrested by the sounds of it though, by Cooper's subtle grandeur.

This is rehabilitation music. Sad music. Eternal music. Hopeful music. Wonderment in sound.

In snippet form, likely due to the placement of the tracks in the film, Cooper's compositions still shine as brightly, as warbling and shimmery, as beautiful.

In the hectic space of life that I'm in, this is a wonderful redemption.

Thanks Matthew.

Matthew Cooper "Some Days Are Better Than Others"

Ou Où - Builded

(self released, 2011)

Ou Où’s debut album, Baron Von Baron, had an otherworldly draw. With the volume of music that I have been listening to in the last few years it has become increasingly more commonplace for me to quickly dismiss an album that doesn’t promptly present itself. Yet, Baron Von Baron, as stubborn a record as I can ever remember, kept me coming back again and again to figure it out, each go slightly more satisfying the last but still perplexing. Until, by year’s end, it was one of my favourites.

Ou Où’s follow-up, Builded, a 3 track, 30+ minute EP, maintains the type of queasy-off-kilter-yet-satisfyingly-beautiful layering that kept me coming back to Baron Von Baron: the multitudinously drawn, mazelike pathways, the sounds-different-every-time-you-hear-it hijinks, just composed a shade more approachable.

The evolution presents Ou Où as an outfit maturing and progressing into realms currently inhabited by the likes of The Fun Years, Pantha du Prince and Eluvium. Realms dedicated to hammering out new, gorgeous, immortal sounds, with a catatonic edge.  Builded is at the doorsteps of that type of immortality.

Why Builded is essential listening for avant-guardists in 2011.

Builded by Ou Où

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inverz - Songs

(Granny Records, 2008)
RIYL = Mark Templeton, Chihei Hatakeyama, Fennesz

If you’ve followed FG for a while, you may already be thinking to yourself, “I have enough tenderly buzzing, electro-frost-ambient-slumber-drone.”  And then maybe you’d notice that Songs, by Inverz, came out like (gasp!), almost a few years ago.  (Or maybe you were awesomely hip to the album when it first came out.)  What does it matter what year an album came out anyway?   It seems it matters not at all. A poet friend of mine actually introduced me to this album and I must say, Songs seems a ripe breeding ground for writing poetry.  Not far distant from the RIYLs listed, but definitely a quality selection worthy of being listed amongst them.  If you have space for some blizzardy click, buzz and hum, it's worth seeking out.

"L Song" - Inverz by ForestGospel

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Am A Very Productive Entrepreneur by Mathias Svalina

(Mud Luscious Press, 2011)

For Mathias Svalina’s I Am A Very Productive Entrepreneur, I’ve found myself, like any good and proper American, yearning to consume the products and services that Svalina, in his equally American industriousness, created when he started this one business or that one business, as described in his book.

I don’t imagine I’m alone either. Who wouldn’t, for instance, subscribe to a business “that allowed children to remain children their entire lives?” Seems like a beautiful prospect

Finances wouldn’t be an issue either and I’ll tell you why. Svalina’s ability to invent businesses that fit so perfectly snugly into the pocket areas of an individual’s life, American or otherwise, filling voids, triggering both need and want, will up and motivate any person to loyally finance these businesses and their services/products by any means: moonlighting at the downtown grilled cheese diner, multi-numbering federal loans, selling children, etc.