Thursday, May 16, 2013

Joseph Lambert

Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold

Hello, Parquet Courts. Why didn't I see you around when you were around last year? Oh, parties? Yeah, I'm not very good at parties, so that makes sense. Oh, okay. But it is nice for a party, I suppose. Yes, I agree, not only for parties. Oh, really? Pretty rockin. Well, eternal youth to you as well, my friends. Eternal youth.


Sad Souls - Form in the Fog Beside

This here is some top shelf ambience from Sad Souls. Four beautifully meditative, drifting tracks. Name your price over at their Bandcamp.

"In the Ruins," adapted by Wren McDonald

Brilliant adaptation of Roald Dahl's brutal short story, "In the Ruins," by Wren McDonald. Find more of Wren's work here.

Talibam! - Launch Pad series

Trolling the internets with my Forest Gospel rake, I just stumbled across the Talibam! bandcamp page--and happily so. Seems the avant-everything pranksters have been busy transforming contemporary indie touchstones into something decidedly more dissonant. So if you ever wished that My Bloody Valentine's mbv, Frank Ocean's Channel ORANGE, or The Dirty Projector's Swing Lo Magellan sounded more like a Talibam! record, the band's Launch Pad series is for you!

Benjamin Wright

Monday, May 6, 2013


L. Pierre - The Island Come True

Strictly gorgeousness here from L. Pierre, complete with vinyl crackle, otherworldly string motifs, pianos, samples, the good stuff.

Henry McCausland

Charles Fréger

From photographer Charles Fréger's book, Wilder Mann.

Starry Cat - Starry Cat

Solo album by Sam of Julia Brown (and formerly Teen Suicide). The album's been released in support of Julia Brown viola player/vocalist, Caroline, to help pay for multiple upcoming surgeries. So, worthy cause, and worthy music also. Lo-fi pop stuff that's reminiscent of the aforementioned bands, if a bit stripped down. K Records throwback kindling.

Colin Stetson - "Among the Sef"