Monday, June 25, 2007

Fiest - The Reminder

The Reminder
(2007, Cherry Tree)

Broken Social Scenes' Leslie Fiest released her third solo album this May to critical aclaim, and rightly so- this album is hypnotizing. The tracks on the ablum range from hauntingly slow to upbeat smile inducing athems such as "1234". I hate to admit it, but I agreed when Urban Outfitters named that track as the theme song for the summer. The album is fairly laid back and lazy, but not passive. It definitelty captures your attention. After a few listens it will easily become one of your favorite albums of the summer for 2007. Leslie's voice is smooth and charming. Each song feels reminiscent, like every memory you have can be assigned a Fiest song. Her quiet vibrato could lull you to sleep, but the album is not a sleeper- it is very attention grabbing. The melodies change just enough to keep the songs enthralling. The subtle variations in meter and her split vocals make this album more interesting than the usual singer-songwriter album.

-Sassy Grass

Feist - Sealion


anna said...

couldn't agree more. this album is outrageous.

is Mr. Thistle and Sassy Grass said..., 7.5 here. There are a few songs I really like but after Sassy Grass played it a million times I realized it wasn't a full albums worth of goods for me.

-Mr. Thirtle