Friday, June 29, 2007

Parts & Labor - Mapmaker

Parts & Labor
(2007, Jagjaguwar)

Parts & Labor construct hyper-kinetic, reverb soaked, major chord skyscrapers. There is something about the tracks on Mapmakers, their second release on Jagjaguwar, that feels like they are being broadcast from the top of the Empire State building. Each track is a towering anthem with snowballing momentum. The core of this momentum is based in P&L’s drumming. Continuously reaching insane speeds that are only rivaled by the Hella’s and Lighting Bolt’s of the drumming universe. However, instead of pounding a hole in your chest, P&L’s drum clatter creates a furious wall supporting a wash of static dipped guitars amped to 12. I think the most descriptive word here is energy. Parts & Labor seem to contain boundless energy to propel their endless guitar riffs sailing into oblivion. The only reservation I do have is with the vocals. While they don’t necessarily detract anything the vocals do not lay any new or interesting ground that could push a talented band like Parts & Labor into a consistently memorable one. Reservations aside, July seems like the perfect time to buy some fireworks and blast Parts & Labor.

-Mr. Thistle

Parts & Labor - Fractured Skies

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