Friday, June 22, 2007

The Goslings - Grandeur of Hair

The Goslings
Grandeur of Hair
(2006, Archive Recordings)

Like a static-infused elephant stampede, The Goslings’ Grandeur of Hair will unavoidably trample all the music you hold dear. There is no way to think about anything else, The Goslings sound demands attention. The songs on Grandeur of Hair have to be some of the noisiest, loudest, most crushingly enduring recordings ever put to tape. With intense reverb and overpowering static, tape was most probably the recording method of choice. I don’t think there is anything I could write that would exaggerate the true depth of how destructively loud this music is; and yes, it is music. Underneath the plodding layers of thick, thick sound are melodies, drums vocals and even beauty. The true difference between The Goslings sound attack and somewhat similar noise-a-teers like Sunn O))), Yellow Swans and Prurient is that their clatter is based in actual structured songs and that those songs bleed through, ever so slightly enough, to carry you through each blasting forest of noise. While The Goslings’ noise brethren can be arguably masochistic, Grandeur of Hair is enjoyable, even if you are gushing blood from each ear. Paced beautifully, if there is one “noise” record you own make it this one, and if you are already initiated into this field, welcome your new king.

-Mr. Thistle

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