Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yellow Swans - Drowner Yellow Swans

Yellow Swans
Drowner Yellow Swans
(2007, Tape Room)
Verdict = The Most Glorious Noise

Anyone who regularly reads this music blog will already be familiar with my absolute adoration of the Yellow Swans most recent releases (At All Ends, Descension EP). Well, with Drowner Yellow Swans (which was also released last year) I think it is pretty safe to say that 2007 was the year of Yellow Swans. I don’t think I have heard more assured, glorious “noise” records than the ones that these north westerners have been peddling as of late. I am going to stop applying the cop-out application noise here – what the Yellow Swans have accomplished is as organic and moving compositionally as anything else that’s hit the streets. Simple, crushing devastation married to blissfully ascending beauty and in all its permutations, whether through At All Ends, Descension or here on Drowner, the albums seem to be endlessly rewarding. They are all so incredible and, as I’m sure it is with children, almost impossible to choose a favourite. Well, not knowing the experience of having kids yet, if I had to recommend one album amongst the group Drowner Yellow Swans would be it. Released on cassette tape and CDR through Tape Room, Drowner Yellow Swans edges out the pack with more tracks, a longer running time and an even wider breadth via the Swans’ signature, grueling gorgeousness. The grit is intact, the guitars shimmering, the electronics bubbling, the specters and haunts have been meticulously engrained in the tape and the indescribable, pummeling weight of the Yellow Swans are all here. I’m already exasperated; this is the type of amazingness that is impossible to put into words. If there is one Yellow Swans record to get, this is it. I promise it won’t be your last. Mom, if you are reading this, that last statement may not apply to you, but then again who knows? It’s that good.

-Mr. Thistle

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