Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun Buttons - Street Horrrsing

F**k Buttons
Street Horrrsing
(03.2008, Atp Recordings)
Verdict = Fuzzy Melodic Noise with a Bite

Sorry for the censorship up top, but we pedal this stuff to elementary kids so we have to mark our boundaries. Seriously though, I think that the whole of indiedom is out to make ridiculously lame and cussy names just to spite me. That is fine though because for every fairly good band that decides to post up against me with a trendily cussy name I have a review for them that for the most part focuses on their name rather than their music (which I know is always appreciated) as well as an alternate name for iPod scrolling. It is just too risky to think that if my younger, more impressionable brother decided to scroll through the “F” section to taste the sweet, heavenly nectar that is A Faulty Chromosome that he might be bludgeoned by the unexplainably R rated F**k Buttons. With this in mind I have simplified it to F Buttons. The “F” here is subjective. You can choose any “F” word you would like (including the intended one) for placement. I have decided for the gooey eyed, unimaginative “Fun” as my imaginary name for the band. Fun Buttons, yeah…that sure hits the spot! Sad thing is that this album really is pretty fun noise, but not really anything ground breaking. Think the accessibility of Black Dice’s Beaches & Canyons (if you can find that record accessible) and add a couple more accessibility points and then add some vocal screaming ala Wolf Eyes and you are pretty much there. The album is really solid and a super duper debut that really fits the name: Fun Buttons!

-Mr. Thistle

Fun Buttons - "Sweet Love For Planet Earth"

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Justin Snow said...

This is one of my new favorite records. I'm completely in love with it. It's everything I like in a band and they do it so well. I was blown away by their live performance. Not so much by their performance, per se, but just hearing it played live was an amazing experience.