Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Mae Shi - Hlllyh

The Mae Shi
(02.2008, Phantom Sound and Vision)
Verdict: It's like an entire weekend of crazy parties and destruction got crammed into a plastic disc called Hlllyh

Mr. Thistle is currently way digging Hlllyh but said I should write the review. At first I thought it was because he is sick of me not pulling my weight when it comes to the ol' FG, but now, after multiple listens I think he was making me review it because he knew I would love it if I was forced to give it a fair full listen or two, or five, or ten. At first it was slightly too chaotic for me, but that was just because my brain was not able to process all the awesomeness that had just been pummelling its way through my ear canals into my grey matter. Like a dessert that is too rich, it may just take a few bites before you get over how much flavor you are ingesting and start thinking about what an amazing flavor you are ingesting. A little bit like last years all-star, Marnie Stern, The Mae Shi's Hlllyh has a lot of chaos that somehow organizes itself into an album of mind bending rock anthems. I think the Mae Shi said it best on their website when describing their sound as "busted electronics, spazzier than [fun]* drums, crazy-[ask]* boogie guitar, distorted caveman base and throat-destroying vocals." Sometimes it even makes me imagine the Muppets playing it. You know, Animal on drums, Ralph on keyboards and electronics, Gonzo on vocals, probably Fozie on bass and possibly that crazy scientist on guitar, all being backed by Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Who knows? All I know is that these dudes played 18 shows during SXSW this year and are one hot ticket to a good time live. Hopefully they come through the Great Salt Lake area sometime after their European tour they are currently on.


* See tomorrow's F*** Buttons Review


Ranger Danger said...

boy howdy that was a great music video

Mr. Thistle said...

This album is so radical!

Ranger Danger said...

yeah i'm gonna have to get my hands on it.............

Anonymous said...

I gave this puppy a good listen...
well, two or three actually,
and it's really great!!

good review, Gospelz.