Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Weird Weeds - I Miss This

The Weird Weeds
I Miss This
(03.2008, Autobus)
Verdict = Sunny, Rewarding Experimental Indie Rock/Pop

Forest Gospel has a new Puppy! Yeah, that’s right, now in addition to listening to music, writing grammatically problematic reviews and then trying to correct said grammatical problems after the fact, we also have to make sure that our new canine mascot isn’t gnawing on our laptop chords or “eliminating” on our floors. Fortunately for the puppy we are a complete sucker for those guilty “who me?” eyes. Fortunately for us The Weird Weeds is a perfect clumsy, sunny, terrific compliment to our new friend. Straddling the line between indie rock and pop and adding a healthy amount of creative structuring to their songs, The Weird Weeds are both accessibly lovable and confoundedly unpredictable as our little pup. It is with a fair amount of excitement that I apply sunny air to I Miss This. I love when a band can manage to spark a smile from me when in the midst of their experimental contortions. The music hearkens reminders of seasoned musical compatriots that spark similar smiles like Deerhoof and Curtains and probably some others that I am not thinking of. I Miss This strolls pleasantly through progressive and familiar territory, alternating between a swelling ruckus and whispery childhood secrets. I think the other most striking imagery that comes to mind when listening is tree forts and paper hats. All and all it is just a fun, adventurous record that hits all the right spots.

-Mr. Thistle

The Weird Weeds - "A Goose"

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