Monday, April 28, 2008

Indian Jewelry - We Are The Wild Beast

Indian Jewelry
We Are the Wild Beast
(02.2008, Tigerbeat6)
Verdict = That Wonderful Bleating Noise Rock

Following FG’s penchant for critiquing everything auxiliary to the actual recorded music of albums we listen to, the cover art for Indian Jewelry’s We Are the Wild Beast is absolutely charming. As can be seen above, the image is pretty much exactly the kind of thing that I want on a big oversized poster in my living room. As for the music, it is similarly charming with its consistent, lo-fi bass buzz and guitar crackle running throughout. The music actually falls somewhere between Times New Viking and Liars: buzzy no-fi recordings of bombastic noise rock that hot enough to get your booty shakin’ and your head nodding. It’s consistent too. We Are the Wild Beast is simply filled with blissfully imaginative, constantly evolving songs that rarely tire. I would be willing to mark this as one of the better releases of 2008, but alas the album was actually released in 2003 under the banner of NTX + Electric. Yeah, ridiculous huh? Turns out Indian Jewelry is also Turquoise Diamonds, Japanix, The Corpes of Waco, Swarm of Angels and The Perpetual War Party Band as well. I’m not bitter of the trickery though. We Are the Wild Beast is worthy of this timely re-release and should be a fitting precursor to the bands forthcoming Free Gold in May. If you in anyway consider yourself a fan of loud, noisy, fun, no wavy rock then We Are the Wild Beast is unmissable.

-Mr. Thistle

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Mr. Thistle said...

apparently, the sarcasm about the cover isn't that obvious according to Sassigrass. I was being sarcastic...

Ranger Danger said...

serious? i kinda like it. but what do i know? If there is a poster of it at the show, i would pay someone to get it for me

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered a new band called Nac/Hut Report, I guess that fans of Indian Jewelry will enjoy it.

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