Monday, April 21, 2008

Shows This Week

Tonight (4.21), Man Man and Yeasayer are playing In The Venue. There is absolutely no reason to miss this show. Man Man was virtually created to blow minds live and Yeasayer produced one of the best albums released in 2007. An absolute must see.

Man Man covering "Bulls on Parade"!!!

Yeasayer - "2080"

Tuesday (4.22), Islands will be joined by Band of Annuals and Kid Theodore for their show at In the Venue. I definitely am hoping for the best when it comes to Islands' new album, Arms Way, because after the initial charm of Return to the Sea, that album died hard. I guess you can't fault the band for not being The Unicorns. Anywho, album politics aside, Islands are always fun live. Show up and be ready to smile.

Islands - "Rough Gem"

Wednesday (4.23), the illustrious Saul Williams will be terrorizing Kilby Court and surprisingly they haven't moved the venue! There is absolutely no good reason for Williams to be playing a tiny venue like Kilby Court, but I'm not complaining. This show will most likely sell out. You know it's a good week for shows when Man Man and Yeasayer can't grab the coveted(?) FG live pick of the week, but there is probably very few that could steal that honor away from a Saul Williams show. And as an added bonus, local FG favourite Stag Hare will be providing the support. Another must see.

Saul Williams - "List of Demands"

Friday (4.25), indie metal crossover band The Sword will be shattering eardrums with Slough Feg and Children at Club Vegas. I don't know if it is still permissible to wear tight leather pants to this kind of show, but if you do FG will consider paying your way.

The Sword - "Winter's Wolves"

Friday (4.25), Norfolk & Western (with the now obligatorily mentionable ex-Decemberists band members) will be bringing their country tinged indie to Urban Lounge with the likes of Weinland and Deadhorse Point. Hot stuff!

Norfolk & Western @ PDX POP Now!

Saturday (4.26), Blood On The Wall will be playing at Why Sound. Why Sound? What is with bands playing in Logan nowadays? Well, Loganites are in for a treat because BOTW's indie rock assault is among the best in the business and their trailing along Bring Your Guns for the ride. Should be a blessed time.

Blood on The Wall - Baby Likes to Hollar"

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