Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sun Kil Moon - April

Sun Kil Moon
(04.2008, Caldo Verde)
Verdict = Another Classic Kozelek

It is hard to believe that over five years has passed since Mark Kozelek's last original musical effort (and debut) as Sun Kil Moon. Even with those five years somehow April managed to sneak up on me. I suppose to start out I will have to make an admission to having Red House Painter’s last studio album, Old Ramon, on my recently mentioned top 25 favourite albums of all time. So I am obviously approaching this record at an angle that may not be shared by everyone who hears April: big time expectations/hopes and a pretty fair understanding of Mr. Kozelek’s capability. So the quick and easy of it is this: April doesn’t disappoint. Applying all his classic tricks, Kozelek fashions lengthy, circular songs that seem to perfectly capture the mood of both late night conversations and the break of light on lazy mornings when the period between waking and sleep seems wonderfully extended. This has always been Kozelek’s gift and this is where my only concession could possibly lie. There is nothing new on April. Even with guest spots by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard there is nothing about this record that is ground breaking in terms of Sun Kil Moon. Removed are the more guitar heavy electric tracks that graced Ghosts of the Great Highway, but you could tell me that songs were written and recorded in that same session as the first Sun Kil Moon record and I would believe you. Fortunately, Kozelek is the kind of guy that could make a hundred records (he’s getting there…) rehashing the same sound and they would never lose their entrancing vitality. April is a beautiful album and, as with all of Kozelek’s releases, a grower.

-Mr. Thistle

Unofficial Video for "Moorestown"

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