Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flying - Faces of the Night

Faces of the Night
(02.2008 Menlo Park)
Verdict: So Cool

Flying is cool. I guess I could really end the review there and you would have as good of an idea about their new album Faces of the Night as if you read my attempt to describe them. And by cool I mean just that, no more no less. And I'm not talking about The Fonz cool, I'm talking about staying up till 3 am playing pogs and Super Nintendo while downing a box of otter pops cool. Riding your bike to the fruit stand in the rain cool. Giving a girl you have a crush on a mix tape with homemade art cool. I'd even dare say A Faulty Chromosome cool. I hope that makes sense. But ya, Flying is a band that blends lazy folk, eclectic beats, jammy rock, and a bit of spacey pop while sounding totally natural about it. Nothing on this album feels like an attempt to win anyone's approval, just a bunch of cool people making cool music. None of the jams or beats are overly tight and the guy/girl harmonies are at times a bit sloppy. It's this cool kid slacker approach that has won my heart and placed Faces of the Night quite high on my fav albums of the year so far list. Now all I need is a cute girl to jam out to this album with as we play Super Mario Kart all night.

- Wooly Mammal


Julia said...

i know just the girl.
that flying music video gave me a bloody nose. i like it...

Anonymous said...

i dont like it. take this review off.

Mr. Thistle said...

You kids are so funny.