Monday, April 7, 2008

Shows This Week

Wednesday (4/9), local hits will be had at Kilby Court with the following stellar lineup: Stag Hare, Navigator, Seth Pulver and Desby Dove. Should be a terrific and diverse and psych and lo fi and poppy and strange and everything. Go see this show.

Friday (4/11), Forest World will be releasing a CD onto the amiable public at Kilby Court this weekend in the strength of additional locals Mr. Oasis, The Precinct and Team Mom. Not too familiar with the string of supporting bands but Forest World is tubular so go check it out. What else are you going to do on Friday?

Saturday (4/12), Why? will be bringing his perverse mouth (and now band) to Urban Lounge along with gloriously named Ted Dancin’. I figured out I only have to skip track two on the album to be completely comfortable with it. Check this show for sure though because these guys are super sweet and incredible live. Should be darn lovely you know?

Why? - "Rubber Traits"

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