Friday, April 4, 2008



Here are a few goodies to keep you busy over the weekend.

I think it's impossible for Bjork to make a bad music video. She has constantly pushed the video envelope, and this time around is no different. Gorrilla Vs. Bear described the new video for "Wanderlust" best as "Where The Wild Things Are mixed with Captain EO." The real version of the video is in 3D and requires those fashionably duo-toned glasses to view, but luckily they have decided to make a 2D version for all of us non-milk eyed folks. So here it is. Brace yourself to be enthralled for seven minutes and thirty-nine seconds.

All: anticipate the glory that will be the wonderful culmination to Subtle’s three part series at its climax! ExitingARM, the third and assumedly final chapter is not too far off so let the multimedia anticipation begin with the unveiling of the bands glorious new interactive website


Wooly Mammal said...

That was even better than spy kids 3-D!

Ranger Danger said...

No way miss Mammal. Spy Kids made me feel like I was in the same room as Antonio B-killa.