Monday, April 21, 2008

Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies

Cadence Weapon
Afterparty Babies
(03.2008, Anti)
Verdict: I don't' love dance party music

First off, I don't understand why Cadence Weapon doesn't just go by his real name. I mean, Rollie Pemberton, could it get any better sounding than that? I guess "Cadence Weapon" is all right, I just like Rollie better. Anyways, Afterparty Babies is out and moving the bodies of dance loving quasi hip hoppers all over the continent. It seems like a lot of critics are in the same boat as I am, it's good, but after Breaking Kayfabe it just falls a little flat. Cadence tried to get all club on us in this album and its not half as interesting as the broken crunk nintendo beats of his former album. The tracks are still keyboard heavy with biting rhymes flowing freely, but Rollie's IDM influences creep in a little more and the electro goes to new extremes. If you like dance party anthems you will love this, I just don't fancy dance music very often and I would have been much happier if Rollie would have continued in his Kayfabe footsteps. You have to give it to him for changing up a little. No one likes a stagnant artist, lets just hope the next direction is a little less dance.


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