Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No Kids - Come Into My House

No Kids
Come Into My House
(02.2008, Tomlab)
Verdict: Subtle genius is the best sort of genius

Rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of Canada's P:iano, a glorious resurrection has taken place and given us an album with a come hither look to draw you in quicker than Adrien Brody or Scarlett Johansson. No Kids is a trio that, when combining forces, is unstoppable in its quest to get my mood at least one level higher on the happy meter or my head bobbing along. Wait, the base heavy hot beats aren't just making my head start bobbing, my whole body is wibbly-wobbly and it's definitely putting my typing in jeopardy. I just can't stop! And I can't stop listening to this album either, it's the only thing other than the first half of Alopecia that has fully kept my interest over the past few weeks. Come Into My House is treading new waters by mixing together a whole lot of oceans of incredibly varied genres. It's seems like all the music that is interesting me as of late are these strange quasi cross bred genre bending freak albums that are difficult to classify. This one is no different: some obvious pop, mixed with R&B, a little electronica, a bit of barbershop, glue it all together with some lounge and package it with wonderful harmonizing vocals and you have a playfully addicting album sounding a little bit like Justin Timberlake, Bon Iver, Dirty Projector, Flight of the Concords, and Sufjan all got together for a weekend and somehow had a gorgeous love child. The sound is eclectic and lovely and won't let me live my life in peace unless it's on, loud!


No Kids - "Halloween"

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