Monday, April 14, 2008

Mahjongg - Kontpab

(01.2008, K Records)
Verdict = Afro-Caribbean Post Punk?

The question mark is present in the verdict because I really have no idea what I am talking about. Just saw these guys live and I am pretty sure they aren’t “afro” anything but the polyrhythms these suckas lay down are down right primitive. I am talking about chimpanzees and gorillas primitive too, so if they have those in the Caribbean I think I would feel even more comfortable with my off base “verdict” (they aren’t really verdicts very often are they). Well, self conscious criticism aside, Mahjongg are still busting out the hits with an exiting new home at K Records. It has been a bit since their wonderful debut full length Raydoncong (of whose label was apparently bought up by one of the guys in Good Charlotte, ha!), but Mahjongg are back with a vengeance. A little bit leaner, smarter, occasionally sparser, Kontpab is simply a perfect evolution for these crazies and their blissful beat driven punk funk blitz. So really all you need to know to enjoy this album is the following: 1. Get all your friends in a room filled with old, lame thrift store vases and dishes or something. 2. Pass out some electric green, orange and red sunglasses from the eighties and maybe some headbands and wristbands for potential perspiration. 3. Gather every possible speaker that you have in your house into all corners of the room. 4. Proceed to play Kontpab as loud as possible (this stuff has to be played loud for full effect, trust me), invent dance moves that no one has ever done before and break all the thrift store ceramics! I don’t know, sounds fun to me.

-Mr. Thistle

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