Monday, January 4, 2010

Thistle's favourite albums of the decade: 100-1

(Newly reformatted in descending order!)

Ok, ok, I know we are all hung over on lists. With the intersection of year end and decade end, being over listed has been compounded and there have been plenty of valid criticisms popping up all over the interwebz about the inanity of lists. And here I am compiling a individual top 100 of the decade. 100!?! I don’t mean to try and say these are the overall best albums of the decade, that I'm right, they are simply my favourites. And in addition, as a personal practice, I find that list making acts as a sort of personal record of my musical tastes at a given time. Something I can personally look back on as a reference, almost a journal of my musical experience. So forgive me this indulgence or whatever. Plus, this is my blog. You don’t have to read it and I’ll be finished by weeks end (twenty a day).

About the list: some obvious/generic picks, others maybe not so much. There were a lot of heartbreaking cuts that had to be made. Albeit, in my most attentive decade of musical investigation and discovery this is a very personal collection of music. I’ve been working on this list for awhile so I am pretty confident that it represents my longstanding tastes for this past decade (2009 not withstanding). (Actually, you’ll notice that I only have a few picks from 2009. I am positive that I am in error for not including more from this past year. Time always proves the relevance of a year well after its completion. However, seeing as how I have just posted a 2009 year end list a month ago, if you are looking for more potentially relevant albums from 2009 to hypothetically insert into this list, feel free to go there.) I hope at least someone (1) enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed compiling it.

I’ve written a small amount about each record which has often turned into a kind of journal of what I remember about discovering the album or some simplistic analysis of said albums greatness. The commentary is mostly anecdotal and often irrelevant. So, these are the albums that I would choose in that hypothetical situation in which I am required to pick 100 albums from this decade with which to keep with me while all others are destroyed and I am shipped off to live on some desolate island by an evil leprechaun. At least he afforded me these picks though, right? So this leprechaun can’t be that evil. Alright, enough of the (un)funny stuff, here are my favourite albums from this past decade:

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