Sunday, January 3, 2010


(Lex, 2006)

One of the weird embarrassments of these kinds of lists is when you have multiple listings from one artist. I don’t know why it is embarrassing exactly. Maybe I think that by including so many albums from one artist that I’ve become some close minded fanboy, or that I just didn’t listen to that many albums from other artists (heaven knows that’s not true). I’m not sure what it is, but let this mark the first of multiple notches in this countdown that have been directly contributed to by emcee Doseone. Wishingbone is actually the first Subtle record that Sassigrass and I ever heard. We purchased it together based solely on the packaging and sticker which noted contributions from Mike Patton and Beck. Turns out the album isn’t even a proper LP. It is actually a remixing of their debut full length with a harem of celebrity cameos. In a bizarre twist, it is actually better than their debut and the second best of their catalog. In addition, the album contains a bonus DVD with three absolutely stunning animated music videos done for three of the songs on the CD by SSSR. Literally, three of my favourite music videos ever made. So, all around goodness from the Subtle camp.


I haven’t really been posting links for this decade list, but these are just too good to pass up.
It may not be the greatest quality, but here is "Swan Meat" by Subtle and SSSR:


sass said...

You stole so many of my picks that our lists are going to be 50% identical you wanker

sass said...

PS- That was said out of love,I absolutely love when we love the same music :)