Saturday, January 2, 2010


City of Caterpillar
City of Caterpillar
(Level Plane Records, 2002)

I was recommended this album in a chat room (no joke, this was back when chat rooms were still just geek forums for anti-social teenagers rather than faceless pastures for sexual predators) 5 years before I eventually tracked it down. I had written it down on a scrap of paper and always intended to find it and, eventually, I did. Actually, my now wife and site collaborator did after I passed the album information along to her. And even with that lengthy gestation period in this decade of constant stylistic fluctuation, City of Caterpillar blew me away. Half Godspeed!, half Pg. 99 (of which the band shares members). I always imagined that orchestral hardcore would be amazing and City of Caterpillar proved me right.


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parallelliott said...

At least one person from Stop It!!, whose album "Self Made Maps" is fucking fantastic, played with them. Another great Richmond band.