Friday, January 1, 2010


They Were Wrong So We Drowned
(Mute, 2003)

I don’t know why the most critically reviled album that Liars have put out is my favourite (well, to a certain extent I do), but I guess I also don’t understand why people hate it so bad. The album embodies all of the horror and grit and ugliness that Liars have to offer and that is what makes it so awesome. No one goes to a Liars show expecting to see well groomed dance punk revivalists anymore right? No, these guys are dirty and it only fits that their music is just as dirty. Besides, They Were Wrong has plenty of booty shaking moments, they’ve just added a lot of noise to the formula which is rarely a bad move when you are making primal, gluttonous rock. Oh, and you’ve got to love the lyrics: “We are the army you see through the red haze of blood.” Yes Liars, you are.



Justin Snow said...

This is my favorite Liars album, too. It's SO unsettling. I love it. Glad to see you hold it in such high regards. :)

Yesh said...

The first Liars album I ever listened to and still the best!

Stephen Walter said...

Also my favorite. "Fly, fly, the devil's in your eye. Shoot, Shoot."

wendel said...

I need this. I can never find it. I heard one track at a record store and it was wicked good.