Monday, January 4, 2010


LCD Soundsystem
Sound of Silver
(Capitol, 2007)

I don’t know what caused me to deny the merits of Sound of Silver for so long, but after giving in to its various charms late last year, the album has sounded better with every listen. Even now, while writing this blurb, I feel like I should bump it up a couple spots in the rankings. Sound of Silver makes me think that LCD Soundsystem is the proper successor to the legacy of the Talking Heads. People could probably argue with the similarities between the two, but for me it is an obvious and linear progression. The album just has a classic feel that tells me that I will be listening to and enjoying this album even on my death bed. And as one final bit of praise, when I saw LCD Soundsystem open for the Arcade Fire in support of this album, they absolutely owned the show and remain one of the best bands that I have experienced live.


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