Friday, January 29, 2010

Clipd Beaks - To Realize

Clipd Beaks
To Realize
(2010, Lovepump United)
RIYL = Liars, HEALTH, Onieda

Is there any way around the fact that Clipd Beaks make music that is closely related to Liars? I’m not sure. But, considering that the Liars are one of the awesomest experimental rock bands, I don’t know, ever? Is that overstating it? Anyways, considering Liars are totally great, the comparison shouldn’t be off putting. It's not off putting because Clipd Beaks are almost as good (if not just as good) as their dishonest counterparts. To Realize, follow up to the lovely noise spiked Hoarse Lords, is a plodding, industrious, cloven hoofed beast. From the first cut to the last, the band starts by holing themselves up in a filthy groove and then ride it straight into the ground before, after some indeterminate amount of time, the repetition of the things seems to resurrect the monotony with some bizarre climactic effect. It’s like a minimalist micro-house album as performed by the Boredoms or something. Clipd Beaks have maintained the gluttonous percussion that first caught my attention on their debut. Bass too, it's a rigorous rhythm section. Regardless of their languid pacing, the rhythmic pull of each cut will propel you like a team of oxen. To Realize is, in short, a grinding, noise barnacled machine, drunken and addling forward to its imminent death. Clipd Beaks have simply produced one of those drawn out deaths that demands your interest, mesmerizing you into a stupor of submission, an aural exorcism of cosmic proportions. Or something.


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Carter said...

I wrote a review for this too, I love it.