Monday, January 4, 2010


Tolchock Trio
Abalone Skeletone (Exumbrella, 2008)

Very few are going to be familiar with this pick, so hopefully this nod will bring some attention to one of the best straightforward indie rock records of the decade. The band is from Salt Lake, but I promise I’m not playing favourites. I don’t even know these guys. Heck, if you asked them they probably wouldn’t even know what Forest Gospel is. Being a straightforward indie rock band, it is hard to really describe why Abalone Skeletone is significant. They remind me a little of White Denim, The National and The Walkmen, but obviously hold their own as a band being on an end-of-decade list. Bloody hooks, cut up lyrics, raw and polished all – just one of those super solid records that come around all too rarely.


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