Sunday, January 3, 2010


A Faulty Chromosome
As An Ex-Anorexic’s Sic Sicks Exit, …
(self released, 2008)

This out-of-nowhere debut arrived in my mail box in the summer of last year, odd title and all, and amongst the piles of promotional drivel that passes through our mail box and email inbox, sparkled like the most exquisite diamond. Even now I am so charmed by this little record that I have to go back to it immediately whenever anything reminds me of it in anyway, just to get that proper fix. On Ex-Anorexic, everything feels water damaged, like it was left in a leaky basement storage area in a soaked cardboard box. Fortunately, that swirly waterlogged imprint only improves the suburban pop, and electronic pulses that float through the album reminiscing all-nighters on the NES and baseball cards flipping through miniature bike spokes. And anything with the ability to evoke an eighties childhood is the work of kings in my book.


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