Friday, January 1, 2010


At The Drive-In
Relationship of Command
(Grand Royal, 2000)

My relationship with At The Drive-In has to be one of my most bittersweet. Years ago I was caught in a dilemma of choosing between seeing At The Drive-In or Fugazi, both of whom where scheduled to play on the same night. I postponed my decision for awhile, not certain of which I should see until I was shocked by the news that At The Drive-In had disbanded and would not be playing any more shows on their already scheduled tour. It obviously made my decision for me, but I think in retrospect (despite how awesome Fugazi was live) I would have much rather seen At The Drive-In. And then there was the double let-down of The Mars Volta and Sparta. Things will never be what they used to be, but I still have Relationship of Command…



wendel said...

True that. It's too bad the Mars Volta sucks now (and was never as good as ATDI), but we will always have this album. I got into this band when I was still a Blink-182 fan, and I think this is the only album from that time period in my listening career that I still recognize as being really good.

Andrew and Trish Alba said...

the mars voltas first ep TREMULENT, is still spectacular. along with their first album. ......and sparta has always sucked