Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tim Hecker - Norberg

Tim Hecker
(2007, Room 40)

Noberg will inevitably go down as a little miniature release for Tim Hecker because of its short length and obscure label. This is a tragedy because Norberg is one of the most beautiful musical excursions released this year. A singular track spanning just past twenty minutes, Norberg embodies everything that is wonderful about Tim Hecker. Following the absolutely devastating wonder that was last year’s Harmony in Ultraviolet, Norberg carries on the granulating deterioration of its big brother with a far more inviting quality. Gone is the severity of Hecker’s previous beauty replaced with a constant feeling of warmth like the flawlessly acclimated temperature of some hidden island cove, a minor beach that secluded and perfect like it was created just for you. Norberg was recorded live in similar nature to Keith Fullerton Whitman’s Lisbon in the summer of 2005. Like Lisbon, Norberg shows no signs of this, playing out like a meticulously crafted studio composition. The ambience is perfect in that it completely transports you to your own little paradise. Short as it may be, Norberg is the top tier of ambient bliss.

-Mr Thistle

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