Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pandatone - What Has Nature Done For Me Recently

What Has Nature Done For Me Recently EP
(11.2007, Creation Centre)

If you have followed FG for any unreasonable amount of time you will be well aware of our affection for the free, web only label Creation Centre who have provided us with some of the most amazing little EPs we have laid our ears on. Today, I discovered the most recent of their tremendous offerings with “lost songs” of Pandatone’s What Has Nature Done For Me Recently EP, and what an offering. The collection strays from the mostly instrumental glitch electronica that I am used to and lays out six slowish experimental pop songs akin (and I apologize for the reference) The Postal Service. Each track is laden with Pandatones audio expertise and flourishes in the simplicity of their melody and the complexity of their swollen synths. Aside from Pandatone’s own vocal input, the featured angel vocals of Michi on “Two Piece” are an absolutely show stopper. The EP also contains remixes of two of the tracks by Praveen and Tonetraeger, both of which I am unfamiliar, but both of which absolutely kill it (especially Praveen) in their rearrangements, creating wholly new experiences. The final track of the six featured follows a simple track of layered synths as they melt heavily into a short pool of bleeding sound. The entirety of the offering is amazing and will have you replaying ad infinitum. One of, if not thee best Creation Centre release yet.

-Mr. Thistle

Pandatone - What Has Nature Done For Me Recently EP (Download Zip File)

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dr.panda said...

hi! thanks for the kind words and support.
that is the incorrect artwork though.

this is the correct artwork.

thanks! hopefully we'll use that lovely photograph on our next LP.