Thursday, November 1, 2007

Machinefabriek - Weleer

(05.2007, Lampse)

Machinefabriek's Weleer is gigantic in scope. Rounding up tracks from the seemingly endless amount of limited 3" CD-Rs he has released, the Dutch sound composer has created a two disc juggernaut of sweeping beauty and granular destruction. Machinefabriek's range is so wide that comparisons range from the elated beauty of Eluvium to the coarse electronic treatments of Yellow Swans, and everything in-between. However, where most artists who dip their hands into multiple genres find their works watered down, Machinefabriek somehow keeps everything extremely fresh and rewarding. Nothing on Weleer seems second rate or quickly produced. The entirety of the two discs (spanning over and hour and a half) is the crème de la crème of soundscaped experimentalism. Listening to Weleer is relentlessly euphoric and seems to have the ability of sinking deep into your subconscious, soundtracking the moments you wander the earth sans headphones. I say 'wander the earth' because Weleer is biblical, transforming and affecting in its reach. The impact can become difficult to describe because of the peak of its effect. The people at Lampse have done a wonderful thing releasing this collection of recordings to be consumed as one.

-Mr. Thistle

Machinefabriek – "Oi Polloi"

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