Monday, November 19, 2007

This Week in Shows

Seems as though the winter months are taking their toll with the sharp decline in scheduled shows. Aside from the few shows I feel comfortable listing here, the only other news I’ve got for you kiddies is that anyone excited for the upcoming Mt. Eerie show can now officially become unexcited because the tour has been cancelled.

Saturday (11/24), Provo talent will invade Kilby Court as Seve vs. Even, Drew Danburry, OK Ikumi and Forest World take over Salt Lake City for the evening.

Saturday (11/24), Tool will be supported by indie experimental legends Trans Am. So, uh, I guess I’ll see you there…

11/29 - Billy Joel – Energy Solutions Center
12/1 – The Lionelle - Slowtrain
12/3 – Team Sleep - Avalon
12/4 – David Bazan – In The Venue
12/4 – Most Serene Republic – Kilby Court
12/7 – Vampire Weekend – Kilby Court
12/7 – Iron and Wine – Salt Air
12/14 – Eyedea and Abilities – In the Venue
1/4 – Band of Annuals, Joshua James – Kilby Court
1/10 – Stag Hare, The Groom, Chaz Prymek – Kilby Court
1/25 – The Future of the Ghost – Kilby Court
1/31 – The Lionelle, Dead Horse Point, Patterstats – Kilby Court


Joshua said...

What about The King Khan & BBQ Show Friday @ Urban?

Anonymous said...

Grizzly Prospector is playing the 01/10 show with Chaz.