Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh Astro - Champions of Wonder

Oh Astro
Champions of Wonder
(11.2007, Illegal Art)

Married couple Jane Dowe and Hank Hofler are both sound experimentalists. On their first full legnth, Champions of Wonder expect the eltronic mess to scramble your brain into oblivion. Seriously, this album makes no sense, in a good way. Fragmented samples shatter anything that could resemble a steady rhythm into a dizzying jagged sound collage. Oh Astro is on the same label as another sample working electro artist, Girl Talk. Although there are parallels between them, Oh Astro sets themselves apart because of how experiemental it is. Every sample is sliced and diced into an almost unrecognizeable form. Every sound is tweaked from its original form into a glitching seizure inducing loop fiasco. Oh Astro also take their work into the realm of fine art by performing in museums as sound artists. Champions of Wonder has taken electronic music one step further and has set Oh Astro apart as an act to watch in the elctro world.


Oh Astro - "Snow Queen"

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