Monday, November 12, 2007


Shows This Week Tuesday (11/13), The Velvet Teen will be playing at Kilby Court with Say Hi To Your Mom and The A-Sides. The Velvet Teen always put on a good show and are a worthy experience if you have any inclination towards going.

Tuesday (11/13), the grandparents of all things weird and freak folk in the world today, Charalambides will be haunting the Urban Lounge along with Alasdair Roberts. This should be an incredible show from the legends from Kranky records.

Wednesday (11/14), Sea Wolf, Kid Theodore and Saturday Looks Good To Me will be playing the Urban Lounge. A good mix of local and touring bands for this all star lineup.

Wednesday thru Sunday (11/15-18), you have probably seen this on our upcoming shows list and been drooling as much as us. Starting Wednesday, High School Musical on Ice will be storming Salt Lake City with their run of shows at Energy Solutions Center. FG pick of the week!

(11/16), part one of the Friday quadruple (if you count HSMoI) header, Celebration will be rocking Kilby Court for an intense show at an intimate venue.

Friday (11/16), Of Montreal and Grand Buffet will be hosting this weeks most danceable and bizarre party. We are going to dismiss the horrible set Of Montreal played at Sundance the last time they came because of the circumstance and pray that the smaller size of In The Venue will serve them well.

Friday (11/16), the true all star show of the week will be presented by The Urban Lounge with Fog, Old Time Relijun, Vile Blue Shades and The Soundtrack Scene. This is one line up that is worth staying up till three in the morning for. Plus, the following day is Saturday! Everybody wins…

11/24 – Seve vs. Evan, Drew Danburry, OK Ikumi, Forest World – Kilby Court
11/24 – Tool, Trans Am – E Center
11/29 - Billy Joel – Energy Solutions Center
12/1 – The Lionelle - Slowtrain
12/3 – Team Sleep - Avalon
12/4 – David Bazan – In The Venue
12/4 – Most Serene Republic – Kilby Court
12/7 – Vampire Weekend – Kilby Court
12/7 – Iron and Wine – Salt Air
12/8 – Mount Eerie, Watery Graves if Portland, Genvieve Castree/Woe – Kilby Court
12/14 – Eyedea and Abilities – In the Venue
1/4 – Band of Annuals, Joshua James – Kilby Court
1/10 – Stag Hare, The Groom, Chaz Prymek – Kilby Court
1/25 – The Future of the Ghost – Kilby Court
1/31 – The Lionelle, Dead Horse Point, Patterstats – Kilby Court

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wooly mammal said...

i dont win, i work on saturday, grr.