Thursday, November 29, 2007

Albino Father - Self Titled

Albino Father
Albino Father
(2007, Self Released)

Albino Father's profile picture on Virb is, presumably, that of the man behind the alias blurred out of focus. The scene is definitely identifiable, a musician and his guitar, but the details are removed. There is no way to truly know or identify the occupant in the picture by the photo alone. This I think is an apt representation of Albino Father’s music, definitely identifiable songs just slightly blurred, minutely contorted and delicately tampered with. Albino Father takes the darker side of folk and Americana and peppers it with a flavorful dose of resolute acoustic experimentalism. Deftly lo-fi, Albino Father has carved a unique niche in recording aesthetics to supplement his simple, driving songs. The trick accomplished here is that the songs are never overshadowed by their treatments (or lack thereof) only constantly the better for them. The album is truly an unexpected treat and one not to miss, first because it is some of the best music of the year, local or otherwise, and secondly because the album (along with a similarly wonderful Enterrement Ep) is free to download on Albino Father’s Virb page. Don’t lax on this one, hurry over through the link below and download every track, you’ll be better for it.

-Mr. Thistle

Albino Father on Virb

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