Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tenniscoats - Totemo Aimasho

Totemo Aimasho
(07.2007, Room 40)

Beautiful music needs no translation. Such is the case with the Tenniscoats, a duo from Tokyo and current purveyor of delicate avant pop that despite the language barrier, is emotive and entrancing. On Totemo Aimasho (which their label says translates to “Lets Meet Very Much”) Tenniscoats seem to follow an interesting world feel in their compositions but never overwork their formula. In addition, much of Totemo Aimasho has the excitement and refreshing quality of musicians who just learned how to play – that is not to say that the music is not well played or constructed, but that there is a certain unseen innocence that permeates the tracks. With a childlike whisper, the female lead vocals also capture a delicacy that can occasional tip toe into uncomfortable territory as it is coupled with frozen pianos and unconventional melodic motifs. Tenniscoats show immense promise and with Totemo Aimasho being the first of two full lengths released in 2007, the band seems bent on reaching their full potential. With the beautiful statement of Totemo Aimasho they won’t have far to go in order to get there.

-Mr. Thistle

Tenniscoats on Boomkat

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