Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shuta Hasunuma - OK Bamboo

Shuta Hasunuma
OK Bamboo
(11.2007, Western Vinyl)

Shuta Hasunuma is an electronic artist of the organic, glitched out variety. If those descriptors come off as a deterrent, I would encourage you reconsideration because where a sea of similarly labeled artists have created an almost eternal amount of mediocre soundscapery, just good enough to lure you in before you realize that it is another bored waste of time, Hasunuma has somehow sidestepped the pack and created something of substance; something of soft penetrating power. OK Bamboo is some kind of beautiful amalgamation of Fennesz, Kallikak Family, Shugo Tokumaru and Four Tet all set to the instrumental backbone of Hasunuma’s tinkling piano. Interchangeably playful and shyly downtrodden, Hasunuma covers the full spectrum of emotion through his chameleonesque meditations, using electronic means to bring about the most palpable of human emotions. OK Bamboo is a masterwork of electronic construction and expression as a true and endearing art form and musical process. It is albums like OK Bamboo that make you feel good about life on earth; that make you feel hopeful that there are still people in the world creating and sharing positively beautiful works of art amongst the overwhelming amount of shameful destruction. In the end, OK Bamboo is a quaint album to cuddle up with on a Saturday morning. Absolutely wonderful.

-Mr. Thistle

Shuta Hasunuma - "Prelude"

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