Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Citay - Little Kingdom

Little Kingdom
(11.2007, Dead Oceans)

Citay makes squealing guitars sound like sissy mellow pushovers. Little Kingdom, Citay's sophomore release, is one of the most chill psych albums I have encountered. An ever steady slow 4/4 pace produced by maracas, bongo drums and other such hippie instruments keep all the songs marching passively along for choral anthem type vocals to be softly sung to. Citay's classic rock sounds a bit like Comets on Fire taking a large dose of Ritalin. Cascading harmonic guitars, electric and accoustic, are played flawlessly and hypnotically. It's classic rock, but it doesn't sound old. Little Kingdom has a refreshing swelling sound to it that makes it hard to compare to anything. A perfect fit into the Dead Oceans line up, Citay makes psych for nappers.


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