Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Goodies - Leslie Hall

I've never gotten into Leslie Hall's music, I;m more interested in her as a performance artist, or a comedian. Today a new music video for "This Is How We Go Out" was featured on youtube, recieving user comments like: "I think I just died a little inside," from user demogorgon 1313, "eww youtube sure does feature some CRAP! >:O" from Caliburdragon, and "FCKING NASTY, I SWEAR SO NASTY" from user mfsweb. With such rave reviews how could I not post it. One of the best things I've seen in the last 3 hours of surfing the web.


wooly mammal said...

eww forestgospel sure does feature some CRAP!

Anonymous said...

now now, dont be affraid to embrace the hip hop happenin' razzle dazzle.